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    Help for stagger

    Hi, I cant quite get this right, help would be wonderful (and once my animation is finished, I will gladly contribute a tut to thank the community) How can I stagger 3 elements, each starting 0.5 seconds after the previous. Each element would animate for 1 second, and then once all staggering is complete, my animation pauses. Here's my attempt: tl.staggerFrom ([item1, item2, item3], 1, {css:{top:-200}, ease:Bounce.easeOut, onComplete: pause}, 0.5, 2); but with that, the pause occurs when the first element has finished it's tween (I'd like the pause to happen when the 3rd has finished) Many thanks in advance
  2. Hi again, probably another noob question so bear with me, I'm sure the answer is simple... I'm using Timeline Max to create a lengthy animation, think of it as a DVD with chapters. Now i understand that adding a label with this: tl.addLabel ("name", 5); will add my label 5 seconds into the Timeline, regardless of where I place the addLabel code. I want to add a label before each chapter starts, so inside my timeline, and without a hard value like 5 seconds. How would i do that? As an example, If you look at http://max-guedy.com/animation-cofely/complet.html once you've clicked the "lancer animation" button, 3 circles appear, which i would like to use as buttons to play different parts, or chapters, of the animation. Many thanks in advance
  3. Hey Thanks Dave I took a slightly different approach thanks to your 1st reply - visible on link above - gives it a preloader effect that fades out when the page is ready
  4. Brilliant! Thank you Dave (i've implemented on the link above) Next question is what would the cleanest way be to hide the elements that are appearing... - would a display:none be my solution, the start the timeline with a display:visible ?
  5. Hi Sorry if this more a general js question, but your answer would be appreciated I'm working on an animation and loving the gs TweenMax capacities (work in progress here: http://max-guedy.com/animation-cofely/complet.html ) and I would like it to start only once all images have loaded, akin to adding a Flash preloader. Could anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance