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  1. Thanks Carl. Thanks for your tutorials as well btw . I'm a fan of your work.
  2. I'm still getting used to the Javascript world since unfortunately as flash web developer I have to make the gradual shift because of handheld devices. My question is how to create a preloader in Javascript using maybe Greensock plugin. I'm used to something like this in Flash function LoadingImageImage1(event:ProgressEvent) { var percent:Number = Math.round( ((event.bytesLoaded)*100)/(event.bytesTotal) ); ImageLoaderFeedback.scaleX = (percent/100); if( percent == 100) { TweenMax.to(ImageLoader2, 1, {delay:0.8,autoAlpha:0, ease:Cubic.easeOut}); } } Can anybody point me to the right direction of what I need to do. Thanks Cinoklu