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  1. try to divide calculations over multiple frames: http://www.senocular.com/flash/tutorials/asyncoperations/
  2. i understand what u said, though i don't get why it only happens when 'jumping' the timeline, and not when you just let it play out....
  3. i downloaded/used the latest one - still happens.. all tweens are inserted in a new paused timeline, before timeline.play() I use FDT, Flash only to build assets.swc....thats why it its quite hard to create a fla edit: took quite some time to create this fla, but eventually it works download it here as you will see, it happens during dragging, but also when clicking..... thanks for your time! So, what is going wrong in here? i now try to create someting using nested timelines
  4. Hi guys, context: im creating an infographic where tv-ratings are being visualized. I have a huge TimelineMax where 1000 dots (mc's) are constantly being tweened. This timeline is attached to a standard Slider from the Flash Components. Now, if i let the timeline play, no errors occur. When i skip ahead or back in time, some dots (that were in the middle of tweening) just stop playing and just stand there half-way.... please check it out herrre: http://dominggus.nl/...fstuderen/temp/ this is what happens when you skip/drag the slider: switch(event.type) { case UIEvent.THUMB_DRAG: mainTimeline.goto(event.value, false); break; case UIEvent.THUMB_PRESS: mainTimeline.gotoAndStop(event.value, false); break; case UIEvent.THUMB_RELEASE: mainTimeline.gotoAndPlay(event.value, false); break; case UIEvent.SLIDER_CHANGE: if (!bottomSliderGUI.playMode) { mainTimeline.gotoAndStop(event.value, false); } else { mainTimeline.gotoAndPlay(event.value, false); } break; } mainTimeline is a TimelineMax, and for each dot/mc (viewer), this is being used: mainTimeline.insert(new TweenLite(viewer, 1, {x:target.x, y:target.y}),labelTime); who can help me? what seems to be the officer, problem?????