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  1. I should also add that this event never fires if you have 0 items in your loader. In the event there is a potential of this (as in my case), make sure you are checking for this before setting the event listener.
  2. Nevermind. A little digging through the source code and I found my answer. This would definitely be helpful if documented somewhere, as well as maybe use the standard event such as LoaderEvent.AUDIT_COMPLETE or whatever. Anyways, sorts me out and hopefully helps others. loader.addEventListener("auditedSize", onAuditSize); loader.auditSize(); private function onAuditSize (event:Event):void { trace(loader.bytesTotal); }
  3. Hello... I am curious if there is a way to auditSize on a LoaderMax instance prior to actually doing the load. In my app I am prompting the user with a confirmation dialog box that needs to state the size of the download, and then asks them to confirm if they want to continue, or cancel out. Just curious if there is an easy way to handle this, or if it will require actually starting and stopping the download to get these numbers. Thanks!