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  1. Well, wouldn't you know it that I set up a simple FLA for you to test and it works beautifully in there. I'm guessing this has to do with how I am using the VideoLoader with the robotlegs framework. Oh well, thanks anyways will keep digging through my code.
  2. It's a large FlashBuilder project and I can't post it under NDA. I can show you relelvant pieces of the code if you think it would help but I tested for about 6 hours last night and I've narrowed it down to the gotoVideoTime call.
  3. FYI, this is happening to me currently. I am using robotlegs and storing the VideoLoader in the Model. At first I thought having a second reference to the VideoLoader might be firing my cuepoints twice but that doesn't seem to be the case. I've made sure I have only one instance of the VideoLoader. I'm using it to play a main content video on a site. The video calls about 15 cuepoints over the course of 3 minutes. This works flawlessly on the first play through. When the user clicks replay, I don't need to reload the video so I just use gotoVideoTime(0) and then wait until some other clips are reset and start the video playing again. For the purposes of testing, I left off the video playing bit on the replay. Using gotoVideoTime(0) fires all of the cuepoints again. I tried removing the listener for the cue points before calling gotoVideoTime and it still calls all my cue points at once. Could it be that another update has broke this again? I'm on a Mac if that matters. Appreciate your library and any help on this matter.