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  1. What i can say is that if video Size is full HD in AIR video doesnt loop regularly...really dunno how to come out of this. For some reason i discovered a video mp4,flv,f4v on AIr for android never reach the end, that's why cant loop properly, there is a mismatch in timecode.
  2. Hi, thank you for support indeed, I will look at example within some hours. From my experience, and hope it can helps other people as well, You cannot use f4v into android, it will not be rendered, that's why i used mp4 and i set cue point with videoloader methods; plus maybe there is some particular settings to be done with keyframing in export video, as i know more i will share. Thank you again and perfect choice for video example
  3. Hi, if you open the .fla in flash u can easily play the file and you will notice that freeze happens on desktop esecution as well, it mean is not hardware related, cos hardware is the latest one. I can tell you that freeze frame is longer in tablet then in desktop, but anyway, my question is : does anybody had success looping correctly a video ? and if yes, how ?
  4. Hi, the project is kinda messy, anyway is playing a simple loop now with repeat -1 . What i would like to achieve is a short video in loop or better to manage properly cuepoint to loop a portion of video programmatically. Sorry for mess in code, what im using is just createVideo function. http://www.bcaa.it/appoggio/LoopTest.rar
  5. Hi, I'm having similar issue using a cuePoint as looptime, it means i set an ASCuePoint in a certain point and i use it to loop in that point. Result: I'm having a quick freeze,and it has different duration everytime, let's say I need a way to loop properly