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  1. allowContextMenu ! This is much better than having it as the default. In most cases you would like to get rid of the context menu. However, I made an image gallery with Draggable. In this case, I want people to use "View image" or "Save Image As...". Thank you for being one step ahead of my wishes (again). You should mention this feature in the Docs.
  2. Dear GSAP team I just updated an older project to the latest version. TweenMax: VERSION: 1.20.2 Draggable: VERSION: 0.15.1 Since then the right mouse action is gone (tested in Firefox, Safari and Chrome on MacOS). Setting allowEventDefault makes no diffenrence. When I go back to version 1.19.0 the right mouse action is working again. Is this intended? Cheers Henry
  3. Hello Jack I just wanted to add that GSAP is doing an exellent job with the +-className stuff. Much better than it sounds in your reply. In my opinion it's a killer feature!
  4. Hello Mikel Thanks for your reply. Your example is really efficient and the result looks exactly as I wished. However, my intention was to solve it with the "className"-feature. This would be very elegant in some cases. It still could be working with some CSS changes even if the door suddenly has to be a ball or whatever. Nevertheless thanks a lot for your effort.
  5. Hello Everybody I'm experimenting with tweening CSS classes containing 3d transforms. It works very well in most cases but I’m stuck with the getting rotations into the right direction. I wish the “DirectionalRotationPlugin” would help me out here. But I wouldn’t like to set the target values via JavaScript. Please click the door in my pen to see what I mean and check the CSS class “.open”. Maybe it is a pure CSS problem. Any advice is very welcome. Henry
  6. Hi Jonathan That's exactly the problem. I suppose it's not intented to work that way. Henry
  7. Hello Jonathan You were right about the typo but I'm afraid that was not the problem. I still can't see the :active state in Firefox. I tested it with: Firefox 34.0.5 (Windows 7) Firefox 43.0b9 (Mac OS X 10.7.5) Please have another look and compare the behaviour with any Webkit browser or even IE11. http://codepen.io/Anitainment/pen/jWEZPG Greetings Henry
  8. Sorry for waisting your time with my cache problem. You are right. The new version works! However, there is still one flaw when using Firefox. Below the video there is this little "Test"-button. I added some css and events to it. http://codepen.io/Anitainment/pen/jWEZPG My results in Firefox are: 1) css:hover is okay 2) css:active is ignored 3) javascript: all events are okay I can live with that. Since all events seem to work, I can force a css active state via javascript. But there is still something strange about Firefox... Greetings Henry
  9. Hello GreenSock Thanks for the new beta version. I wish I could report something better but the problem remains. I'm using your beta in the following CodePen: http://codepen.io/Anitainment/pen/jWEZPG I wonder why it (almost acceptably) works with older Draggable.js versions. Have you made significant changes since then? Cheers Henry
  10. One more thing... Please have a look at the little "Test" button below the video. It works correctly (dragClickables:true) in Chrome but it fails in Firefox (both versions). Draggable v1.18.0: http://codepen.io/Anitainment/pen/VvBVBJ Draggable v1.11.6 http://codepen.io/Anitainment/pen/yYqGaq Thanks, Henry
  11. Hello again I made a Codepen and then another one because there was a big surprise: It works with an older Draggable version. My observation is that you can't click the video controls in Firefox with version 1.18.0 (and v1.16.0 either). However it works fine with version 1.11.6. Both examples do work in Webkit browsers. Draggable v1.18.0: http://codepen.io/Anitainment/pen/VvBVBJ Same code but Draggable v1.11.6 http://codepen.io/Anitainment/pen/yYqGaq I found the following difference while debugging the click event of the dragged element: Draggable.min.js:14 "Capturing" (v1.18.0) Draggable.min.js:14 "Bubbling" (v1.11.6) Perhaps this is what Firefox dislikes? I spend days trying to fix this Firefox problem. Usually it is my code that has to be blamed. But maybe not this time. Cheers Henry
  12. Hi Carl Thanks for your quick reply. I was just hoping someone may have encountered a similar thing because it seams to be so browser specific. I'll try to extract something...
  13. Hello everybody I'm working on a media gallery that uses Draggable ('rotation') to navigate. It is has many dependencies. Therefore it's hard to reproduce a simple codepen version. But perhaps the problem rings any bells here: Firefox refuses to handle clicks/touches correctly inside the Draggable and its sub-elements. It is ONLY FIREFOX - on all platforms. I never thought I would ever say this but: “Even IE works fine!”. My desired Draggable settings are: a. dragClickables:true, b. allowEventDefault:false, I get a <button> element work when I change a or b or both. Whereas <button data-clickable =”true”> does not help at all. Whatever I do, the controls of a nested <video> never work in Firefox. Although the video works. It can be started with a right-click. It is only the 'click' event. All other events work (rollover, mousedown...). Even the 'click' partly works. An addEventListener ('click', funct) fires. But at the same time the CSS :active is ignored. The script works like a charm in all other target browsers. Even on the iPhone the videos (or better their stills) smoothly rotate and you can open them. When I disable( ) Draggable all comes back to life again. Has anyone ever experienced this kind of trouble in Firefox? Any hint is very appreciated.