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  1. Absolutely. Thank you for the quick responses as well.
  2. I see, that wouldn't be too hard to get working. I am curious though, I read through the licencing details and I didn't see anything about modifying the code. Is it with in my licencing privileges to modify the core if I choose to do so (keeping all of your copyright notices and headers intact of course)? I should say I am liking it so far, I used it this weekend for the first time in a Ludum Dare game (prototype really) for the screen shake and the boulders dropping animations.
  3. I'm trying to plug this into my custom framework before I pull the trigger on a commercial licence and I might be asking a super noob question but I have looked through a bit of the documentation and from what I can tell there is no way of manually updating a tween through a external function. bool = true; TweenLite.to(someMC, frameCount, {useFrames:true, updateOnFunction:updateTween, onComplete:tweenComplete}); public function render():void { if(bool) updateTween(); } public function tweenComplete():void { bool = false; } I'm sure I can program some roundabout way to get this to work but I am hoping I am simply blind Xp