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  1. I'm sure that I did download the file from greesnock. I clicked the download As3 button on the top right corner. And I opened the fla files which were included but that I have unfortunately deleted them since. I did have a look to the demo files too but did not get any files from that link. You can see on my first attachment that I had some of the fla files opened in Flash API. I have also tried to open the demo swfs in the new package but then I get a message saying that I cannot open a file which is protected. Is that normal ? Thanks for your reply.
  2. Well thanks for you reply. I have just downloaded the greensock as3 package again as i did yesterday but the files included are surprisingly not the same which is quite puzzling. Unfortunately i put the previous package in my bin and deleted it before downloading again so this cannot help much. I have attached a screenshot of the actual files I have now. The version I had yesterday got much more files like the fla. ones which have vanished since !!
  3. I have downloaded the full LoaderMax package and I have tried to launch the demos contained within the package but I get error messages each time I try to edit one of the fla or as file. it says mostly : error " 1046: Type .... not a compile-time constant: ContentDisplay. It is very frustrating not being able to go anywere from that point. Please help !!