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  1. Sweet! thanks bro, appreciated!
  2. hi Guys, So i got this svg line to draw out from left to right using this code: TweenLite.to(_elem, 1, {drawSVG:"0% 100%"}); How do i make the line so it will draw from right to left ?
  3. hi, Can i use 'onComplete' on ThrowProps plugin? I want to call a function when the ThrowProps animation finishes. Is this possible? Thanks.
  4. No biggie , thanks for your time on this.
  5. I can't remember when I saw it but there was a download link from this site. Its a zip file where you have flash files ( barebones flash templates ). It uses a setInterval to call 'advance' function. Uses tweenNano to keep filesize down. It has an actions layer and you have barebones codes on it using tweenNano. Very useful in setting up banner projects. Anyways, thanks for the reply.
  6. hi guys, anyone knows the link to the tweenNano (or tweenLite) barebones template flash files? It has this 'advance' function and incrementing variable 'phase' thing: code sample: var phase = 0; var timer = setInterval( advance, 200 ); function advance(){ if ( phase == 0 ){ // some tween codes here timer = setInterval( advance, 200 ); } else if ( phase == 1 ){ // etc... } phase ++; } thanks for any info.
  7. This is good ... very good! Thank you!
  8. From my understanding easeInOut is like 'slow-fast-slow' motion. Is there a 'fast-slow-fast' counterpart in tween easing? Was looking at the Ease Visualizer and can't see (or missed seeing) anything related to 'fast-slow-fast' motion. Any idea? Thanks.