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  1. If by updating a tween you mean changing it's properties values dinamicaly than you could use dynamicProps plugin or use TweenMax's updateTo method (you could use startAt parameter to specify starting values)
  2. Try removing onUpdate:MovieClip(parent.parent).blitMask.update since you are tweening position.
  3. I think you should group all tweens/timelines into a main timeline for each swf and pause/resume that timeline.
  4. As I said, I came back with an update on how I did it. This snippet: 1) gets all tweens of a MovieClip from the timeline ( I used false as a parameter to only check on the surfface) 2) Filters tweens by checking for setted properties that shouldn't be there 3) Removes current starting values 4) Finds out with what tween we are working in the current iteration by setted properties (if one or more tweens have the same properties setted you can set a dummy one like scaleX:1 or something like that) 5) Call updateTo method on the tween and update destination values and add the startAt parameter to pass the starting values private function refreshTimeline():void { var tempX:int = (stgWidth/2)*0.9; var tempY:int = (stgHeight/2)*1.4; var tempWidth:uint = stgWidth/12; var tempHeight:uint = stgHeight/6.73 for each (var tween:TweenMax in mainTimeline.getTweensOf(contentBg,false)) //to get all the tweens in the timeline for the object { if(!tween.vars.hasOwnProperty("alpha")) //filter unwanted tweens of that object. For me the unwanted tweens had an alpha property set { tween.invalidate(); // to prevent starting values from piling up if(tween.vars.hasOwnProperty("width")) //find out what tween we are updating. For me the width property was unique to one of the 2 tweens tween.updateTo({x:stgWidth/2 + separWidth/2, y:stgHeight/2.5, width:(stgWidth - separWidth)/1.35, height:stgHeight/1.6, startAt:{x:tempX, y:tempY/1.5, width:tempWidth, height:tempHeight}}); else tween.updateTo({y:tempY/1.5, startAt:{x:tempX, y:tempY, width:tempWidth, height:tempHeight}}); } } } In addition to this function I use a boolean parameter to see if the MovieClip is currently animating so it will not get resized by the resize function. I am open to suggestions on how to improve the code. Enjoy.
  5. Thank you both for replying! @carl schooff: Yes, It does reposition everything, but as you illustrated, it doesn't took in account ongoing tweens. On resize I tryed repositioning everything then clearing and repopulating. What happened was that after repopulating the timeline: 1) autoplayed from start to end (i think this could be fixed by pausing and assigning the currentTime on repopulation), 2) the content was not showing anymore (alpha was 0 for some reason) only the contentBackground was animating 3) there was a delay from when the button was clicked till the animation started. Because of this delay I abandoned this approach. @GreenSock: 1) I read about LiquidStage just before starting the topic and it is another great tool but as I read, you need to be a Club member to be able to use it and the current budget doesn't allow me to purchace a Club Membership at the moment. 2) This is what I was looking for. The backwards animation could be handeled using a custom animateOut animation.Unfortunately there is the same budged problem. 3) I will try this approach again if my current idea fails. After studying the docs a bit more I found too methods that could theoretically do the trick: getTweensOf and updateTo. I am thinking that on resize to get the proper tweens and update them to the proper values. This should work for ongoing animations and should be faster too. I will come back with some updates after I implement it.
  6. First of all I want to say hello since I am new here and to thank you for providing such a great tool. What I am trying to do: I have a navigation system made after the tutorial here and adapted to my needs. When I append tweens to the timeline to make the animation in, for the values of the tween properties I use some formulas that are calculated depending on the browser window's size. Example: mainTimeline.addLabel("account_in", mainTimeline.duration); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(contentBg, 0, {alpha:1, immediateRender:false, onStart:setSection, onStartParams:["account"]})); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(bg_mask, 0, {alpha:1, immediateRender:false})); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(contentBg, 1, {y:((stgHeight/2)*1.4)/1.5, ease:Quad.easeIn})); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(bg_mask, 0, {alpha:0, immediateRender:false})); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(contentBg, 1, {x:stgWidth/2 + separWidth/2, y:stgHeight/2.5, width:(stgWidth - separWidth)/1.35, height:stgHeight/1.6, ease:Quad.easeIn})); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(loginPan, 0, {alpha:1, immediateRender:false})); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.from(loginPan, 1, {scaleX:0, scaleY:0, ease:Back.easeOut, onComplete:finishedAnimating})); mainTimeline.addLabel("account_complete", mainTimeline.duration); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(contentBg, .5, {alpha:0})); mainTimeline.append(TweenMax.to(loginPan, .5, {alpha:0})); What is the problem: If i resize the browser's window, the MovieClips are tweened using static values that were calculated when the mainTimeline was populated. What i want to achieve is for the tweens to update the values used for tweening after the formulas passed. What i tryed: I tryed invalidate() -ing the mainTimeline or clear() -ing and repopulateing the mainTimeline when the browser's window was resized. Funny things happened.