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  1. Hi Jack, I just tested it on Windows Chrome, IE, and Edge, all have the same problem. Windows Firefox is okay. Stanley
  2. Hi, In Firefox, the Draggable hitTest() works for DOM elements but not SVG elements. Thanks, Stanley
  3. Is there a way to limit the scope of TweenMax.pauseAll() and TweenMax.resumeAll() to each loaded swf. I have a player main swf that loads and plays other sub swfs. Each sub swf uses pauseAll and resumeAll to control a bunch of TweenLite/TweenMax and TimelineMax tweens. The pauseAll/resumeAll work well and work as expected when the sub swfs play as stand alone. When they are loaded into the player and play within the player, the pauseAll/resumeAll functions would pause/resume all tweens in all loaded sub swfs at the same time. That's because pauseAll/resumeAll are static functions, that's why each call of these functions will globally apply to all loaded sub swfs. Is there a way to limit the affect of pauseAll/resumeAll to each local sub swf only? Thanks in advance for your help!