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  1. Thanks for your help, it ended up there was a masked object(multiple frames with differently sized images in them) that was missing a stop action and throwing off getBounds. I didn't realize that changing the size of a masked item would affect getBounds if the mask didn't change size.
  2. Unable to upload, the asset FLA is 1.1MB. I put the flash builder project up on dropbox instead: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4728967/BlitmaskTest.zip
  3. I'm running into an issue with blitmask and a horizontal page-by-page scroller. As soon as I mousedown, the container with the masked content seems to shift vertically to a random position, and every time I move the mouse it changes the vertical position of the to some other seemingly random position. The app is designed for iPad, but it runs into the same issue on desktop AIR as well. It seems as though it may have something to do with my content, which was pasted into a FLA from Illustrator. Has anyone run into an issue like this before?