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  1. It appears that the declaration file has: time(value:number, suppressEvents?:boolean):any; but should it rather be: time(value?:number, suppressEvents?:boolean):any; since it functions as a getter as well? the web storm compiler throws an error in the first case, not in the second.
  2. oh. I know what's happening. The timeline is paused, and I navigate it with a slider.
  3. This works: TweenMax.to("#topLogo",2,{opacity:0,onUpdate:function(){ console.log("update") }}) This doesn't: this._tl.add(TweenMax.to("#topLogo",2,{opacity:0,onUpdate:function(){ console.log("update") }}), 4); I can see it work in the timeline, just no onUpdate. How would I do such a thing? I actually want to tween a dummy object to send the value to a diferent module that blurs a canvas image/createjs. Thank you!
  4. I have a spinner with 7 icons, can I trigger a Draggable with throw so it's top position is quasi random when that control is displayed? thanks, U.