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  1. I have a follow up question. While the slideshow is paused, the user can select a new slide from the thumbnails. When the slideshow is resumed, will it start at the paused point or the new selected slide? ie. Does TweenMax know that the slideshow has moved while it is paused? Thanks
  2. The project calls:TweenLite.to() and uses a Timer The code below works! function pause():void{ _delayTimer.stop(); _delayTimer.removeEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, durationExpired); TweenMax.pauseAll(true, true); } function resume():void{ TweenMax.resumeAll(true, true) _delayTimer.delay = getImageDuration(_currViewer.image); _delayTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, durationExpired, false, 0, true); _delayTimer.start(); }
  3. Hi I am working on an AS3 slideshow developed with TweenLite10 I need to be able to pause/resume the slideshow Is there an example/tutorial explaining how to add TweenMax10 pause() / resume() functionality to a project? Thanks