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  1. Yes I realize that method exists but I in turn need to take seconds and convert it to number of frames it will take to get from a start to end value. In order to use your code above which has hardcoded frame values.
  2. I know of: Distance Velocity Angle I am trying to properly figure out the Duration. Since We are using useFrames I need to calculate the duration in frames it takes to travel to the goal point at the current velocity. Could you shed any light on that as well?
  3. This is great, i'll have to try it out. Do you know by any chance how to manually calculate point 1 and point 2 from the drawing? Basically how to calculate when to start the landing animation so when it stops playing it is exactly at the destination.
  4. Hi All, I have a pretty specific question in which I have an Object moving along a vector that will eventually end up at a destination point and stop moving. The object in question is an asset that has a 'fly' animation sequence, a 'landing' animation sequence and an 'idle' animation sequence. The Object must move along a straight line coming from a random point on the stage at a fixed velocity. The object will begin to ease when it is exactly 30 frames away from the end point in which it will change into the landing sequence(which takes 30 frames). Once the landing sequence is complete the easing should be rounding down to 0 in which the object has completed its journey and now switches to the 'idle' sequence indefinitely. I have provided a screenshot below demonstrating my issue. Any help will be much appreciated as the math and when to play the landing sequence is giving me the most problems. I am trying to have the process of flying -> landing -> idling be very smooth and natural. The swf is running at 30 fps btw.
  5. Thank you. I modified and it is working! Does load=false need to be set? I currently have load=true set. Seems that it shouldn't matter because I am feeding new XML before any of the assets have began loading. Truth?
  6. I basically need to parse/edit some xml and appends custom querystrings to the end of the urls. I then need the loader to load those new urls before proceeding with the rest.
  7. I have intercepted and parsed XML onRawLoad. I wish to replace the xmlLoaders xml content with the newly parsed/created XML. How do you overwrite the original?
  8. Figured that was the case thank you. If this XML doc changes often it becomes more of a tedious process to calculate the estimatedBytes for everything is there another way todo this? Auditing perhaps?
  9. I am using the following: _xmlLoader = new XMLLoader(ASSETs_URL, {name:"assets", estimatedBytes:1000, maxConnections:3, onChildComplete:handleChildComplete, onComplete:handleComplete, onProgress:handleProgress}); Here is the XML: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?> <data> <SWFLoader url="pod1.swf" name="pod1" load="true" /> <SWFLoader url="pod2.swf" name="pod2" load="true" /> <SWFLoader url="pod3.swf" name="pod3" load="true" /> <SWFLoader url="pod4.swf" name="pod4" load="true" /> </data> When onProgress is fired it initially fires for the XML document itself. So it shoots to 100% and then back to 0 for the children. I tried supplying each SWFLoader in the XML with an estimatedBytes but that didn't solve it either. Is this expected? I could not find it in the documentation.