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  1. Thanks for your answer. Let's say, there a two VideoLoaders on Stage. The first starts with bufferTime of 1 second. The client has a low bandwidth, so it pauses the video for rebuffering and sets the buffertime automatically to 3 seconds - because of your feature "autoAdjustBuffer". Now, the second VideoLoader starts. And it has a bufferTime of 1 second too (because it's my default buffering value). So it runs again into a rebuffering. To avoid this, I would like to update the bufferTime, if one of those VideoLoader has to correct it's bufferingTime. I'll do this manually - as you told me. Thanks! Marco
  2. Hi I love the autoAdjustBuffer-option. But now I have a problem with it, if I have more than one VideoLoader on stage. I want to "share" the buffertime, if one of those VideoLoaders update his bufferTime. Is there a way to do this? Thanks! Marco