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  1. What are the thoughts on using Greensock libraries with React Native? This is a very different animal than traditional react.js since there is no DOM. The current animation libraries available for React Native to put it bluntly, suck. I have often dreamed of being able to use the phenomenal Greensock libraries for native app development. Are there any approaches to using Greensock with React Native that would work?
  2. jQuery actually doesn't work either with alpha in IE8 either. If I come across any items that do work in jQuery and not in TweenMax I'll post it in here.
  3. That's unfortunate, I think any web developer knows how terrible IE8 is. I would by-pass it all together if I could but the project I'm working is a redesign of samsung.com and that's not gonna be a possibility. I want to use TweenMax globally over jQuery across the site but an issue like this could block me from using it, if you have any ideas or workarounds that would be a greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm having an issue with Animating alpha PNGs in TweenMax JS in IE8, there is a lot of distortion during the animation but after it is complete the PNGs return to a normal state. I know IE8 inherently has issues with PNGs but is there a work around for this in TweenMax?