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  1. This is my point, its not there in the latest version from Adobe. (4.6). I use Tweenmax with FDT, im absolutely not a flex guy, pure flash, and this no longer compiles with 4.6.
  2. Should it be in the flex 4 core package ? Do I need to link the entire flex 3 package for this one file .....
  3. This overrides a function but is not declared "override" throws error. Does not override a function. I may well be completely wrong on this Jack as I have only started on this new version of FDT this week ....setting it up with Starling and Box2D so could be me. Started a new thread as I could not find any threads regarding errors. audas.
  4. Hi jack, Removed the play() call from the avm1 class, it was a loaded swf which I had no access to, the others I had created to test and worked. Basically I let them all play, so I can not test it and resolve the issue. Sorry. The issue with the "proprtionalInside" which you pointed was correct, however I required the ability to load any asset into a fixed aspect (10x10) which could be dynamically set with swfobject and to any dimension and have the assets internally resize to fit that potentially random configuration - I used to use the DisplayUtils package I found years ago - but nothing worked as the stage was being stretched. How does one determine things ?? My head almost exploded at the end, as I was sure it was a really simple fix somewhere and was determined to find it - couldn't and ended up writing this HEINOUS function private function setSize() : void { var targ:DisplayObject=holder.getChildByName(media[counter].value); if(displayWidth / targ.width >= displayHeight / targ.height) { var sc : Number = (stage.stageHeight / targ.height); targ.width *= (stage.stageHeight / targ.height); targ.height = stage.stageHeight; if(targ.height > targ.width && (displayHeight/displayWidth)>1) { targ.width*=displayHeight/displayWidth; targ.height*=displayHeight/displayWidth; } } else { targ.height *= (stage.stageWidth / targ.width); targ.width = stage.stageWidth; if(targ.width > targ.height && (displayWidth/displayHeight)>1) { targ.width*=displayWidth/displayHeight; targ.height*=displayWidth/displayHeight; } } setPositions(targ); } private function setPositions(targ : DisplayObject) : void { TweenMax.to(targ, 0, {x:(targ.width - stage.stageWidth) * -.5, y:(targ.height - stage.stageHeight) * -.5}) targ.alpha = .5; }
  5. When loading a movie using swfobject and dynamically setting the dimensions of the stage the scaleMode:"proportionalInside" fails. Any ideas on this ? While we are at it, SWFloader with AVM1 clips also throws errors when trying to use standard commands - there are work arounds for this I would have thought would have been in the class ?
  6. The same issue is now occurring with SWFLoader, we are not able to access the standard swf class. We should simply be able to cast any loader to its intended object, so Video is Video, SWF is SWF, Image is Image etc, So all the normal Video methods, SWF methods are available to that loader object.
  7. According to your own example you have to ask the loaderMax to return the loader and then reference the loader again - really poor. You tags arent working ?? LoaderMax.getContent(media[counter].value).loader.playVideo(); The VideoLoader does not extend the DisplayContainer class so you are unable to reference every object inside the LoaderMax class via a looped array - it throws an error as they are not all of the same type.
  8. This makes no sense sorry. I have used appended a video to a queue and am not able to access it as DisplayContainer does not contain video controls. queue.append(new VideoLoader("media/" + val, {name:val, container:holder, alpha:0, autoPlay:false, scaleMode:"proportionalInside"})); Attempting to access this via the name property returns the videoloader, however it can not be played. LoaderMax.getContent(value).playVideo(); It returns This can not be cast to VideoLoader object either.