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Asteroids last won the day on June 30 2013

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  1. okay i got it thank you Jack
  2. can i use ThrowProps allTo or ThrowProps Array? please help. thank you and sry for my bad english
  3. Can i build gallery like a "Camera Roll" in iPad by greensock . I see PanelScroll Example that it's same but photo cannot zoom I need to add some zoom function same "Camera Roll" on iPad Please Help sry for my bad english and thank you Greensock
  4. i need some guide for make photo gallery same ios please help me..
  5. Asteroids

    api for offline

    where i can find GSAP js full api for offline please tell me thank you, love you greensock ^^
  6. i'm new in html and javascript how to draw zigzag line with animate tween from greensock thanks for help and sorry for my bad english
  7. help me please to convert this code to greensock v11. please help.
  8. thank you carl schooff for this help ^^ can i got this task on greensock v11?
  9. I see transition effect in this link http://activeden.net/item/as3-xml-site-template-with-swap-transition/full_screen_preview/147060 can i use greensock to make this transition? please help me and thanks for help.
  10. i test TransformAroundPointPlugin with Ios Ipad device export with GPU rendering got some lag when i click several times. i don't know why please help sry for my bad english and thaks greensock!!
  11. loaderMax can load one each file in queue? example i append imageLoader to queue 3 url Can i load first image and pause other in queue? sry for my bad english love you greensock and thanks for reply
  12. nice tutorial!! thank you!! carl
  13. can i use green sock tween to make movement same this website? http://www.theeggrepublic.com // contact page sry for my bad english and thanks for reply
  14. okey it's fine i use flv thanks Jack^^ and love greensock