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  1. Thank you Matthew, and Jack, you guys both have great points. GSAP is the best at full rich experiences and css is perfect for small slides and fades (and flips) especially on mobiles. If and when JS could do HA, we'd all be very happy indeed.
  2. And btw, you all know Ceaser Easing for CSS, right? http://matthewlein.com/ceaser/ There're lots of eases in there and you could build a custom one like bouce or elastic.
  3. Jack, I'm with you on the whole GSAP vs everybody else. I was just talking about pure js vs css animations, touching on your argument about keeping logic outside of css. That's all fine by me as long as I can deliver smooth animations on my client's smartphone. We'll see what the future holds and how we might tap into HA with pure js.
  4. I don't agree. The main excitement about CSS3 animations is hardware acceleration. The future is mobile and javascript is miserable at animation on mobile. Javascript should be used for logic indeed, but animation shouldn't be part of that logic.