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  1. This is what I get... ERROR in src/app/app.component.ts(22,3): error TS1248: A class member cannot have the 'const' keyword.
  2. Ahhhh YES! It was Tree Shaking. Ok so adding the desired plugins from "bonus-for-npm-users" in an assets folder. No need for any addition to the angular.cli. Importing with "import * as DrawSVGPlugin from "..assets folder"" in the component that is is used in and the root component. And adding "plugins = [ScrambleTextPlugin, DrawSVGPlugin];" to the root component (no "const" as it causes an error). And bingo all is well! (thought it may be helpful for a list of what worked.) Thanks so much for your help Jack & Blake, Cheers!
  3. Hey y'all, I am trying to get the club plugins (drawSVG & ScrambleText) to work in an Angular app (5.2). GSAP was added with NPM and the plugins were added to an assets folder. I also added the paths in the angular.cli (after some failed tests). There is no error on the plugin import but neither plugin works. The scrambleText (#inititalizing) does show a runtime error "invalid scrambleText tween value: [object Object]" I have loaded multiple ways (just in case) import DrawSVGPlugin from "../../assets/js/gsap/DrawSVGPlugin"; import ScrambleTextPlugin from "../../assets/js/gsap/ScrambleTextPlugin"; //and import * as DrawSVGPlugin from "../../assets/js/gsap/DrawSVGPlugin"; import * as ScrambleTextPlugin from "../../assets/js/gsap/ScrambleTextPlugin"; I have tried set and to & fromTo I have tried just the id and nativeElement TweenMax.set("#line-two", {drawSVG:"0%"}); TweenMax.to("#line-two", 1, {delay: 5, drawSVG:"100%"}); TweenMax.fromTo("#line-two", 1, {drawSVG:"0%"}, {delay: 5, drawSVG:"100%"}); TweenMax.fromTo(this.lineTwo.nativeElement, 1, {drawSVG:"0%"}, {delay: 5, drawSVG:"100%"}); TweenMax.to("#inititalizing", 3, {scrambleText:{text:"inititalizing...", chars:"10", revealDelay:0.5, speed:0.3}}); TweenMax.fromTo("#dot", .75, {transformOrigin:"50% 50%", scaleX:0, scaleY:0}, {delay: 5, scaleX:1, scaleY:1}); ...Also the simple #dot animation at the end works fine. And all the #line-two are not in the code together at the same time, just all here to display the different tests. Any clue to why these would be failing to animate? (definitely a plugin only issue)