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  1. Ah, maybe I didn't explain myself properly here. I don't want things to look fuzzy, that would be bad. I think your blitmask works great on iPad. When I'm packaging for iPad I can set the device to not use the retina display. I do this in the manifest file. On the latest iPad the blitmask looks nice and smooth, almost to the point where it seems GPU accelerated (obviously not quite that good). The problem I have, is that on android devices I cannot set the desired resolution through the manifest file (as far as I'm aware). Therefore performance will suffer on android devices with high resolution screens. I just though if we had a way to set the resolution of the blitmask it would help improve performance on android devices.
  2. Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to scale a blitmasks target directing before caching a bitmap. That way the bitmap wouldn't take up so much of the devices memory, and performance could be improved when using very large bitmaps. What I mean is, setting a property on the blitmask to scale the target to say 50% of width/height. Then having the blitmask display the bitmap at full scale but lower resolution. Is this possible at all with the blitmask? I think it would be a good idea considering so many devices now have HD screens. cheers
  3. Thanks for the reply, this worked for me.
  4. Hi, I'm creating a mobile app where I'm loading some SWF files from a server and also some SWF files from the devices local disk. When I'm loading the SWFs locally I have to do it in the form of a byte array. I can do this no problem using the Flash Loader class loadBytes method. The problem is I would like to keep all the loading in a LoaderMax queue as this is very convenient to use. Is there any way to load bytes using the GreenSock SWFLoader class? Or failing that any way to load a Movieclip into a SWFLoader, as though it was loading from a url? This is probably not possible but I thought I would check.
  5. Hi, thanks for the prompt reply. I can't really give you an example because the project I am working on is a mixed Flex and actionscript project, and it is quite complicated, so not really worth your time looking at. By the way, I love all your greensock utilities. They are incredibly useful as I'm sure you know, definitely the best actionscript library around. I can let you know what I was doing, just in case it is relevant. Basically I was using your scoll panel inside a blitmask to display magazine pages converted from pdf files, except I was loading them dynamically. So, what I did was to create a class using LoaderMax, to load jpg and swf files. I then created a custom flex component for the panel scroller, which dynamically adds the content, first the bitmap images (because they load faster) then later swaps them for the swfs. I also used your throw props for vertical scrolling. Anyway, the problem I found was that I had set cacheAsBitmap to true on some nested clips. There was no reason for this as they were in a blitmask, it is just a habit I suppose. When I commented out the cacheAsBitmap=true everything worked as expected. By the way, I wasn't using any components, just my custom component. So is it true that you cannot set cacheAsBitmap to true on any clips or subclips inside a blitmask? The memory leak issue was probably caused by my own crappy coding, I'm sure everything is fine with BlitMask, you know what you are doing. By the way, have you ever created, or do you know of any really good panel scrollers which load content dynamically? I would love to know. Thanks Jack, Patrick
  6. Hi, I'm using the BlitMask class in conjunction with Jack's panel-based flick-scrolling example. Basically, I am adding and removing clips nested inside a main clip as the panels scroll. I'm doing this so that I don't have to preload all the panels. The issue I'm having is that when I need to update the internal bitmap of the blitmask - using update(null,true) - the blitmask does not always update. It updates sometimes, just not all the time. I know it should be updating, because when I change bitmap mode to false I can see the changes to the target. I am writing the code in FlashBuilder, and packaging for the iPad. Also, I can see a memory leak in the program when profiling. I'm not sure whether this is caused by bitmapdata objects not being disposed properly or not, could the problems be related?