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  1. Hi, Marjorie, in case you are still looking for a full stack java developer or javascript developer, then I guess you need to try hiring offshoring or nearshoring developer, for example from Ukraine – it is one of the biggest IT outsourcing markets in the world, so you should definitely try to investigate in this countries job market. They are highly efficient and the salaries are generally lower, than in other countries
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  2. It doesn't it's for demonstration purposes. ScreenToGif does that via an option you can configure.
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  3. Thank you both for interest Carl and Diaco. I had not noticed your posts. I wanted to play with multiple member plugins on codepen - Diaco solved that Thanks again, now I can tween anywhere !
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  4. Does anyone know how to link/reference react-gsap in codepen? Doesn't look like a CDN exists for that library.
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  5. Hi Marjorie, In case you're still looking for GreenSock/JavaScript developer, I suggest you check such platforms like Freelancer, Upwork, Codementor etc. According to this guide on how to hire JavaScript developers https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/hire-javascript-developer it's a good way to find an experienced programmer. Let me know how it goes :)
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  6. If anyone have issues with embedding Codepen links (like I had), here's the answer - you need to hit space after the link!
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  7. Hi Friends, I am new here and will learn more about greensock to use it in my web applications/websites. Best, BG
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