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  1. Hi, Yeah it is by design. A stagger method in a timeline returns a TimelineLite instance with a TweenLite instance for each element in the array passed to it, and since getLabelsArray is a method of the TimelineMax constructor you're getting undefined. Also keep in mind that, besides the parameters of each stagger tween passed in the stagger method, you have no further control over those instances created by these methods. If you want to place a label where each stagger animation starts, you might want to take a longer road and use a loop in order to create each individual tween and place the desired label inside a TimelineMax instance. The current code you posted, only gives you the possibility to add a label when the first stagger tween created by each stagger method starts. Beyond the fact that: console.log( children[i].getLabelsArray ); // -> undefined There is not much I can infer from that code. Perhaps you can provide a few more details in order to get a better grasp of the roadblock you stumbled in your code. Happy Tweening!!
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  2. Hi Sameer, Welcome to the forums. To achieve what you are after what you need to do is make sure that none of the transforms applied to your tweened element are left at the end of the animation. For that you want to use clearProps - have a read in the CSSPlugin documentation. Another thing you want to do to make your life easier is to animate .from(), rather than .to(). Working backwards with your animation will help you as you will know where the element end as soon as you start working. Rather than creating the whole thing and, at the end, trying to make sure it lines up with your design. Happy Tweening!
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  3. Rodrigo, excellent job teaching stagger school! —- this is is an interesting scenario. The child timeline in this case is a TimelineLite and getLabelsArray() is a method of TimelineMax. Not sure what the solution is other than using a loop instead of a stagger.
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  4. The worst thing is when you spend two hours visiting forums, rereading documentation, rewriting it ten different ways... end up convinced that you have no idea what you're doing and then you see it... but for the typo, what you had to begin with, was fine. ?
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