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GSAP makes animation easy.

10,000,000+ websites and most award-winning websites use GSAP. Shouldn't you?

We're proud of the projects that people have made with GSAP and curate our own showcase. See some of our favorites in our latest showreel:

Read what people say about GSAP

GSAP is awesome - I just dropped all my [custom] code, like a thousand lines of code and everything is so so much simpler, smoother and much easier to read for other developers! You have no idea how cool it is to offload that thought process to you guys! — Matt Riddell

The depth of GSAP blows me away like all the time. It seems like I stumble on something new and amazing every time I peek at the docs. — Adam Kuhn

GSAP and CSS Transitions: I've done both, and its like comparing an F16 to a horse. Take like 10 minutes to try. — Vic C., @puppetMaster3

Honestly think without GSAP, I'd of changed careers by now; it's that good. — James Stone, @mimeartist

GSAP is THE animation library and has been for years. If you're gonna learn one - this is it. — Jason Derifaj

GSAP makes my job fun, because it allows me to focus on creating rich, engaging web experiences, while GSAP handles much of the implementation details behind the scenes. — Tim Jaramillo

The best thing about GSAP is that it just works, and it works well. On every single browser I’ve tested. — Chrysto Dimchev