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Using TweenLite For Basic Transition

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I am currently experiencing a problem creating a smooth transition in my animation.


The purpose of this animation is to create a small animation when the user hovers his/her cursor over the division element.

Everything works well, except when it gets to a certain point.

It starts to slow down (not performance wise). Is there some kind of conflict?


See the Pen mtJvB by _d3CipH3R_ (@_d3CipH3R_) on CodePen


Please help me resolve this issue.


This is one brilliant animation framework available on JS. Keep up the good work GreenSock B)

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This is a problem with the mouseover/mouseout events; as the child spins around several mouseover/mouseout events are fired as the cursor enters and leaves the blue square, therefore recreating the tweens each time and causing 'slow down'.


If you create a 'cover' element to handle the mouse events, that should prevent the unwanted events as things animate and work as you were expecting.


See the Pen fouEI by jamiejefferson (@jamiejefferson) on CodePen

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