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ThrowPropsPlugin x-direction problem

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Hi guys,


I just tried the ThrowPropsPlugin to move a MovieClip in x-direction instead of y-direction like in the example. I took the code from the example and changed every y-value to an x-value. However, it doesn't seem to work smoothly. The drag-movement is somewhat stuttered. Strangely enough, the drag-movement where the position exceeds the bounds runs smoothly. I've attached a minimal working example, maybe someone can have a look and tell me where the code goes wrong.


For some reason I'm not allowed to attach any file, so I'll just upload to my Dropbox: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/289091/ThrowPropsPluginTest.fla

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I definitely saw the stuttering in your file. At first glance your code looked quite good and I could not find the problem.


I've attached a file that I had laying around that throws along the x axis.

Perhaps it will help you find the issue or you can just use it as a template.


Oh, and to attach files they need to be zipped first.



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Wow. It took me literally almost 30 minutes to find the error. For what it's worth. My offset was wrong. I was using the MovieClip's mouseX-Value instead of the stage's... no wonder it stuttered! Thanks for your example file!

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