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Draggable with ThrowProps. Flick constrained to one direction

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I'm wanting to use Draggable (including ThrowProps) to be able to flick objects in only one direction(in this case only left). Is there a built in way I can constrain the flick say only to the left and not allow drag or throw in any other direction (similar to a SwipeLeft event in jQuery TouchSwipe - I just want to avoid importing too many libs). 


Many thanks in advance :-)

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Perhaps you could try something like this:


See the Pen KxjAl by rhernando (@rhernando) on CodePen


Feel free to fork and adapt it to your scenario.



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Hi Rodrigo


Many thanks for your help.


Your code not only answered my question, it provided a platform to learn other techniques using this great tool set :-)


Bye for now

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