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draggable transform issue

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Hey all,


Browser : Chrome,

OS : Windows 7 x64


codePen : 

See the Pen eybkF by Stefdv (@Stefdv) on CodePen


The problem(s);


When i switch between sliders, the sliders don't always correspond to the current tranform of the box. There is als a 'jump' when i switch between slider adjustments.


another issue: i can't seem to make a rotationZ for 180deg...at least it's not rotating right then ?


Any help would be appreciated ( a lot  :-P )

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Hello Stefdv,


rotateZ() is the same as rotation in GSAP.


Try this:

See the Pen FsnkK by anon (@anon) on CodePen


In GSAP the property equivalents:


rotateZ() = rotation

rotateY() = rotationY

rotateX() = rotationX


translateX() = x

translateY() = y

translateZ() = z


Does that help?

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Jonathan, tx..


I just figured that one out thru the _gsTransform properties...tx anyway.


Still leaves the problem that if i make quick adjustments with the sliders, the box 'jumps' sometimes and most of the times it does not return to the original position if i put all sliders back to zero.

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Did you try my example with using the GSAP properties instead of the using the shorthand transform properties?


Also i notice your setting perspective and transform-style to the body tag.. any reason why?


I would add an extra div around your #box div and place those CSS properties on its parent. By adding perspective and transform-style to the body tag.. it will cause even your UI sliders to inherit that perspective and transform-style which can cause some weird rendering issues.


But.. you could also try adding force3D:true to your tweens which should tell the browser to use hardware acceleration for smooth butter.


this example uses force3D: true:


See the Pen edHIv by anon (@anon) on CodePen



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I just forked your pen and added the GSAP syntax to each instance and I don't see any jumps or position issues:


See the Pen tGyrb by rhernando (@rhernando) on CodePen


Also instead of using this set up for the 3D space:


You can use the CSSPlugin default perspective sette, which adjusts the perspective for every element being animated in 3D space, like this:

CSSPlugin.defaultTransformPerspective = 1200;


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I placed perspective and transform-style on the body tag because i was lazy ;)  Never thought about the effect it could have on other elements....so lazy and sloppy.



I thought the CSSPlugin was already in TweenMax, or at least that there was no need for it when using TweenMax...So much to learn :)


Thank you both...problems solved.

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To clarify, CSSPlugin is inside of TweenMax.js, no need to load it separately.

Rodrigo was just illustrating how to adjust the defaultTransformPerspective property of CSSPlugin.

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