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Audio inside the FLA timeline doest't play in TweenMax

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I am facing a problem with controling the frames with audio in its timeline using TweenMax. Frames are playing perfectly but audio is not playing. If i try to play the swf normally using swf.play(); it works fine.


Any clue why it might be happening??

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Controlling the frame while embedded audio plays isn't possible, and I would consider this an expected behaviour e.g. how is Flash supposed to handle it if you have a 20 second MovieClip with a sound attached to the length of it, and try to tween the frames over 6 seconds with a strong ease out?


It's noted in the FramePlugin docs. Your best bet would be to create the sounds in ActionScript and play them alongside your timeline.


Here are some other topics regarding this:

http://forums.greensock.com/topic/8636-tweenmax-not-playing-flv-sound/ (includes FLA example)


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