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get webkit-transform:matrix values from tween

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Hi I was wondering if I could get x and y values of a transform matrix from the tween.


Basically I have a small canvas stage that I'm moving rather than a small sprite on a large stage to maximise performance.

var S_die = document.getElementById("IWGdie0");
TweenMax.to(S_die, 4, {x: 10, y: 10, onUpdate: collisionDetect, onUpdateParams: ["{self}"], ease: Strong.easeOut}); 

In the collisionDetect function I was hoping to pull the x and y values directly from the tween ("{self}").

function collisionDetect(t) {
        var s_x = t.vars.css.x,
            s_y = t.vars.css.y,          
        console.log('matrix=', t)

I thought I found it with tween.vars.css.x but this seems to be set at the end value throughout the whole tween.


(Edit: Obviously vars is what I'm defining in the tween, duh, which is why it's the same.) 


Is this possible as I think it would be easier in the long run than extracting the stuff from the matrix directly as I'm guessing your functions do a lot of work with compatibility.


As always thanks for your help.



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Hello macguffin


You can try to access the gsTransform object to get values:

var x = element._gsTransform.x; // get x value
var y = element._gsTransform.y; // get y value

Like this:

function collisionDetect(t) {
    var s_x = t._gsTransform.x, // t.vars.css.x,
        s_y = t._gsTransform.y; // t.vars.css.y,
    console.log('matrix=', t)

Does that help? :)

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Thanks very much Jonathan that was just what I needed:


The code that worked with an {self} as a param was this:

function collisionDetect( t) {  
 console.log('matrix x pos =', t.target._gsTransform.x)
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Cool, glad you got it working :)

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