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chande color in a selected item

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i'm using the TransformManager class AS2, but i have a problem.

i made a button that when is clicked, changes a selected item, but it isn't working.


the general code is:


var manager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[object1, object2, object3],eventHandler:onAnyEvent,allowDelete:true, autoDeselect:false});
manager_obj.addEventListener("move", onMove);


the button's code is:


on (release) {
colorchange = new Color(event_obj._selectItem);


Thanks in advance!

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  • 3 years later...

hello im using the Transform Manager as2


I created a program that can drag a movie clip multiple times and change the color of the selected movie clip


i apply this code on the frame



import gs.TransformManager;

var i:Number = 1000;

var manager_obj = new TransformManager({targetObjects:[test_mc, test_mc2, test_mc3, text_ti], bounds:{xMin:0, xMax:1300, yMin:0, yMax:700}, forceSelectionToFront:true, eventHandler:onAnyEvent});

manager_obj.addEventListener("move", onMove);


function onAnyEvent(event_obj:Object):Void {

trace("Action: "+event_obj.action+", MovieClip or TextField: "+event_obj.targetObject+", transformed?: "+event_obj.transformed);


function onMove(event_obj:Object):Void {

trace("Moved mc: "+event_obj.targetObject);


test_mc.onPress = function() {


test_mc.duplicateMovieClip("test_mc"+i, this.getNextHighestDepth());

_root["test_mc"+i].onPress = function() {




test_mc2.onPress = function() {


test_mc2.duplicateMovieClip("test_mc2"+i, this.getNextHighestDepth());

_root["test_mc2"+i].onPress = function() {






then this is the code for the button to change the color of the selected movie clip



on (press) {

var colorful = new Color("_root.test_mc"+i, this.getNextHighestDepth());



on (press) {

var colorful = new Color("_root.test_mc2"+i, this.getNextHighestDepth());




i hope this may help you



now i work on how to change the color of the movie clip with an input text inside


when i color the mc i cannot put a text on it


i try to figure out how to color the movie clip and then put a text on it


is any one know????

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  • 3 weeks later...

i see your forums at greensock about the multiple selection

can i do it in as2 transform manager, im from philippines and i cant afford the newest version of gs transform manager as2 cause i dont have any cc(credit card)

can you pls teach me or some tutorial about how to do multiple selection in as2 transform manager i currently use the old version that is free to download but it has no multi select

pls...thanks for the help

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Sorry, ian34, but I completely rebuilt the new TransformManager from the ground up to accommodate all the new features, so the multiple-selection capability cannot simply be shoe-horned into the old free version. It can be quite complex actually. If you're asking me to show you a way to avoid having to pay for all the work that went into the new version, that's not something I can do. My apologies. It took hundreds of hours to craft.

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its ok but thanks anyways


yup Transform Manager its cool and its price its fit for it

i highly respect the builders and its programmers i understand their hardwork


thanks also for the free download versions

its also helpfull for the people who cannot afford it :)

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