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Antal Levente

BUG transformPerspective not working

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The new Chrome has a matrix3D bug and the solution would be to set -webkit-transform: perspective(xxxx). 
I tried to use the TweenLite.set(element, {transformPerspective:500}); but isnt working. Also if i add manually the gsap removes it when the animation starts.


If you check this: http://demo.minic.ro/modules/isntauro in chrome you can see the bug. The solution is to add the transform perspective to the ".back" element.


Any help would be great!



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I'm really not sure what we're supposed to be looking for on this page. It seems to load and look fine, and nothing jumps out as being a 'bug'.


It would be best if you could provide a simplified demo so that we can see exactly what bug you are referring to, and offer a prompt solution.


Also, what version of Chrome are you using and what operating system?

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