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Corrupted file?

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Hi guys, just wanting to know if anyone had anything like this?


I am just finishing a piece of work it had a few slowMo tweens in there.  Suddenly tonight the file has chosen to ignore the slowmo easing altogether an is just tweening across the stage.  so instead of just fly in and go slow, then fly off they are almost like reset? 


for my own sanity I lifted a sample (not working) and put it in a clean file and it works like it should, but just not in the main build file.


TweenMax.to(w1, 3.2, {delay:.2,x:-w1.width-10, ease:SlowMo.ease.config(0.5, 0.64)});


This is v strange and I was wondering if anyone had anything similar happen to them?





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Yeah, definitely sounds like its a problem with Flash. In Flash CS6 you can try control > clear publish cache. For older versions of Flash try clearing aso files.


Sometimes moving/saving your project to another directory helps. Not really sure what else to advise.

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