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TweenMax from String of Instance Name

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Within a XmL I have Instance names and Info that I used to link a Person's Pics which displays when certain buttons are picked. Works well.

I decided to add a Combo box, linked to the same XML and display people name. I hope to have the Button Glow and Change color when a name is selected.

I was able to trace and capture the Instance name of the button based on the selected name.


the buttons are located within a MC:


the sample variable below combines the selected name with a string to trace the exact format above.

var gettingMCObject:String = ( "stillIsoPlan_MC." + xmlGridValue[numSelect] );

In testing if I TweenMax the variable I get: 

  TweenMax.to(gettingMCObject, 1, {colorTransform:{tint:0xff0000}});  
    TypeError: Error #1010: A term is undefined and has no properties.




But if I hard Code the buttons location, the color change works fine:

TweenMax.to(stillIsoPlan_MC.staff098, 1, {colorTransform:{tint:0xff0000}});

Is there a way to use Instance Name from a String with the TweenMax feature?

Also, can you use the yoyo: property in TweemMax.to to isolate the color and glow of a mc or btn?


Your guidance is much appreciated!


Below is the code segment :

// ComboList 
myComBoBox.prompt = "Select Staff: "; 
var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader();
var xmlArry:Array = new Array();
var xmlGridValue:Array = new Array();
var comboXMLData:XML = new XML();
xmlLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, LoadXML);
xmlLoader.load(new URLRequest("StaffListFromXMLSchema.xml"));
function LoadXML(e:Event):void{
comboXMLData  = new XML(e.target.data);
for(var i:uint=0;i<comboXMLData.staffInfo.length();i++)
myComBoBox.addItem( { label: xmlArry[i], data:i } );
myComBoBox.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, doAction);
function doAction (e:Event):void
var numSelect:Number = Number(myComBoBox.selectedItem.data);  //data to line number
var gettingMCObject:String = ( "stillIsoPlan_MC." + xmlGridValue[numSelect] );
var prefixMCname:String = "stillIsoPlan_MC.";
//TweenMax.to(stillIsoPlan_MC.manager08, 1, {glowFilter:{color:0x91e600, alpha:1, blurX:30, blurY:30, strength:1, quality:2}, ease:Elastic.easeInOut});
TweenMax.to(stillIsoPlan_MC.xmlGridValue[numSelect], 1, {colorTransform:{tint:0xff0000}});

sample xml format: gridValue = Instance Name of buttons



<staffName>Hunting, Joe </staffName>
<staffPhone>(6xx) 9xx-9xxx</staffPhone>
<imageLarge>StaffPics/LowRes/Hunting, Joe_LR.jpg</imageLarge>




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You can't pass String values as targets of tweens.

Just like this won't work

var gettingMCObject:String = ( "stillIsoPlan_MC." + xmlGridValue[numSelect] );
gettingMCObject.x = 200 //will throw error

I didn't look over your full code but here are some ways to use String values to target child elements of MovieClips.


Assume a MovieClip with instance name parent_mc contains child1_mc. 

Typically you would target child1_mc with


parent_mc.child1_mc.someProperty = someValue


If you are using String values as the instance names, you can do:


var nameOfParentMC:String = "parent_mc";
var someValueFromXML:String = "child1";

this["parent_mc"][someValueFromXML].x = 100;
parent_mc[someValueFromXML].y = 100;
this[nameOfParentMC][someValueFromXML].rotation = 45;

Attached is an FLA example. Hopefully it helps you with xml data





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Thanks for the lesson and example. I'll implement and report back.

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