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Thales Ribeiro

Animating other links, not selected one

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Hi there, 

I'm animating a few thumbnails for a website, you can check out a quick version i adapted for codepen, so you can see what i'm trying to archive.


See the Pen ABvqm by anon (@anon) on CodePen


What i'd like to add to this, would be an effect on the other thumbnails apart from the one that the user is hovering.


For instance, you rollOver on the thumbnail 1, the thumbnail 1 gets its rollover animation alongside with the other fading out for example.


I put my animation inside this function, so i'm not sure how to target the other elements.

$(".thumb a").each(function(index, element){}



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Using jQuery you could find the siblings() of the parent of the rolled-over ".thumb a" which would give you every thumb except the one you are rolling over




Likely other ways too.

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Thanks Carl, 

That's exactly what i needed.


Now i just tried to change the code putting the animation for the siblings as a variable that i can play and reverse in the function so it's easier to update the animation.


See the Pen ABvqm by anon (@anon) on CodePen


I'm not sure what the right syntax might be, 


i've tried these as well:

var myTween:TweenLite = new TweenLite(mc, 1, {x:100}); 
TweenLite.to(mc, 1, {x:100}); 
var myTween:TweenLite = TweenLite.to(mc, 1, {x:100});
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