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Loading a SWF that itself loads other assets: what do I need to know?

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Thank you in advance.


I have a SWF that loads files and plays them. I have another SWF in the same directory as the first that will not load the first SWF. It looks like it loads, but it does not play.


container.swf     // looks liek ti is tryign to load swf_to_load.swf

swf_to_load.swf // loads it's assets just fine





swf_to_load.swf loads and plays perfectly. container.swf does not. swf_to_load.swf was not published with "protect from import" checked.


This is the code to load the fully function, fully self contained swf_to_load.swf file:

var loader:SWFLoader = new SWFLoader("swf_to_load.swf", {name:"mainSWF", container:this, autoPlay:true});

It looks like it loads, but it doesn't play. I see the visual assets. So, seeing no error, I add an "onComplete" handler to trace out "we are complete", and the trace just keeps looping. Looping to the poitn of crashing windows.


So I try loading the errorHandler as exampled on the documentation, but it does nto print otu any errors. This is maddening.


The files are too big to load.


thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.

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It sounds almost like you've got an infinite loop somewhere, like you're loading a swf that loads that same swf and so on, infinitely. Just guessing. It's tough to troubleshoot without seeing your files and publishing on our end. If you're still having trouble, please create a reduced test case with only the essential code to replicate the problem and zip the files and post them here (click "More Reply Options" below). 

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Thank you Jack. Sorry this is posted in the wrong forum.

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