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Tim Jaramillo

MotionBlurPlugin- blendMode not showing up during tween

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Hey guys,


I'm running into an issue with blendMode not showing up while a motionBlur tween is occurring. Below is a simple example showing the issue (copy and paste the code into Actions panel on Flash timeline). Notice that the blendMode is only applied after the tween is finished.


I've tried cacheAsBitmap with no luck. Any ideas or workarounds?


import com.greensock.*;
import com.greensock.plugins.*;
import flash.display.Shape;
import flash.display.BlendMode;
var s1:Sprite = new Sprite();
var s2:Sprite = new Sprite();
s2.blendMode = BlendMode.MULTIPLY;
TweenMax.to( s2, 4, {motionBlur:{strength:0.5, quality:2}, x:200 });
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To followup/close out on this issue, Jack sent me a new greensock.swc build that resolved the above issue (blendMode not working when using the motionBlur filter).


I'm sure he'll include this patch in the next release.


Thanks Jack!

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As a second followup- in the patch that Jack gave me, I've found that the blendMode still doesn't work during a motionBlur tween, if:

  1. the motionBlur tween is applied to a parent symbol
  2. the symbol that has a blendMode applied is nested in that tweened parent symbol
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Thanks for the follow-up. And yeah, those conditions are impossible to accommodate in Flash (as far as I know). It's not a bug in MotionBlurPlugin, just a limitation of Flash itself. 

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