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Loadermax Load & Play An Array - How To Restart?

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Greetings and thanks in advance for reading,


  • I've built an MP3 player that *should* load an array and play it while displaying ID3 info.
  • The array play uses transport buttons that perform play, pause, next, and previous functions flawlessly (not the individual file plays--they just play through)
  • Also, will play an MP3 individually and display ID3 info.

It works great great. Just fantastic. Where it fails is probably a logic failure on my part:


Once the "Play All" buttons starts playing the array, if the user circumvents the list in order to play an individual file, it does so just fine. However, upon clicking the "Play All" button again, the list loads but does not play. I know it loads because I can press the "play button and sure enough, it starts up, but only at the beginning of the last song played on the list.


So, what am I after? I want the list to start again from the top. I have no idea apparently how to unload the array, nor if even is that what I want to do.


I can paste code, but I guess I'm looking for a general logic check first, and thanks again for reading.



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Very tough to troubleshoot blind. Hm. I'd recommend creating a separate, super-simple FLA that only does maybe 2 or 3 songs, and isolate the problem there. Usually isolating the problem in a separate file can really help identify what's going on. You'll probably figure it out by doing that, but if not, feel free to post that simplified file here so that we can publish it on our end and see what's going on. Good luck!

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