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Video Loader - Using the content

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Hi guys, I was wondering if is possible use the LoaderMax to load a video, than get this content and send it to a another video player, like the FLV Playback from flash.

How can I do that? It's possible?

Tnx a lot

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I just did a quick glance at the FLVPlayback docs and there does appear to me that something like this would be supported. The play() and load() methods both need a url to a file. Don't see any other ways of specifying the source of the video.


I know the FLVPlayback offers some conveniences as far as giving you UI elements, but if you follow this tutorial: http://dev.tutsplus.com/tutorials/smart-as3-video-loading-with-greensock-loadermax-free-active-premium--active-5607


it pretty much gives you all you need to build a LoaderMax-driven video player


I'd strongly suggest you download the free source files and give them a spin.

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