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Getting values with _gsTransform ( I get undefined)

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I have a question about getting a value of an object with _gsTransform. I get undefined and i have to use GreenProp to get values. I would like to know what am i doing wrong. 


Here is my code:

TweenLite.set( picObj.picture, { scale: _s, x: _tempX, y: _tempY });
console.log("gp: ", GreenProp.x(picObj.picture));
console.log("_gsTransform: ", picObj.picture._gsTransform.x);

Log from _gsTransform is undefined, log from GreenProp is a value i set.

What am i doing wrong?






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What is picObj.picture? If it's a jQuery collection you can't just call picObj.picture._gsTransform - you need to do one of these:


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