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Visual animator tool powered by Greensock JS

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Hi all,


I just wanted to let everyone know that there is an online timeline based animator that lets you produce GreenSock-JS powered animations visually without writing a single line of code.


If you still do want to write some code however, you can download the resulting html and js-files and edit them yourself. That way, the tool can be used for creating the general structure of the animation, and you can perfect it with any custom code required. 


Right now, the tool supports animating text and images.


Check it out at http://tweenui.com/animator


We'd love to get more feedback from the GreenSock community about the tool.




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Hi Erik,


Actually I've never used TweenUI before and let me say that is a very solid tool, it'll be very helpful for those users with no coding experience. I loved the way you can add the easing functions to each tween.


What would be great is a better control of each tween's time, perhaps the instance's duration via input, but besides that is a great tool, good job!!.




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Hi rhernando,


Thanks, I'm glad you got a good first impression :)


Also, thanks for the feedback, being able to fine tune tween start time and duration is definitely something that would be useful. I'm moving that up on the todo list. 


Let me know if there is anything else you find annoying or missing.




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A quick update; as of now, in addition to text and images, you can also add and animate a rectangle layer type. 

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Where's the playground?

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