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Detecting swf unload

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I'm trying to figure out the proper way to detect the unloading of a swf loaded with SWFLoader.


My app is an AIR/iOS app that behaves differently on the device vs testing locally in Flash Builder.


When viewing the console in debug I see this in Flash Builder:


1) [sWF] assets/swfs/common.Page1.swf - 808,976 bytes after decompression

2) [unload SWF] assets/swfs/common.Page1.swf

3) [sWF] assets/swfs/common.Page2.swf - 969,002 bytes after decompression


However, looking at the debug console when testing on an iPad 1, I don't always see 2). It only appears after going to Page3. So sometimes a swf seems stuck in memory.


The ViewController function for adding pages is basically:

1) destroy, remove and nullify a "_currentPage" page it if already exists

2) garbage collect (System.gc() twice)

3) check to see if LoaderEvent.UNLOAD event has fired. if not, call same function again after slight delay


My question is if there is some other event that should be listened for to detect when the swf is truly unloaded? i.e. whatever actually happens in the Flash Player that displays this in the console: [unload SWF] assets/swfs/common.PageNameHere.swf


Hopefully this issue makes sense.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Hm, I'm not exactly sure what to recommend - it sounds like an Adobe Air issue (maybe?). I'm pretty sure this isn't directly related to LoaderMax. I wish I had an easy answer for you.  :|

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Thanks for the response - makes sense. Was hoping somebody might have run across similar issue and found a fix.


I'm hoping there is something that can be detected after flash.events.Event.UNLOAD is dispatched which indicates the content is definitely unloaded.


Will investigate with Adobe.

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