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Combining SplitTextField with BlitMask on a moving textField?

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Trying something that pushes the limits of what I think is possible using just the default plugins


I am animating a dynamic textfield with a BlitMask and also updating the text at the same time

So far so good.


What I would like to do is incorporate the splitTextField effect similar to the ending in this video



but without pausing the animated text at all.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

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If that's the effect you're after, I'm a little confused about why you'd want to use BlitMask because it would have to keep re-rendering all the pixels on every frame. The main benefit to BlitMask is that it can cache the asset as a Bitmap and place those pixels in the masked area quickly, so you can move the target element as much as you want (x and y) and it'll perform better. But if you're changing the nested pixels inside the target, it must recapture constantly which would probably deliver worse performance than if you didn't use BlitMask at all. See what I mean? 

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yeah, makes sense. Can't have my cake and eat it too I guess:)

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