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Jose Ramon Leon

VideoLoader into Flex 4.7.

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hi friends!


I´m fighting with embed a VideoLoader without using loaderMax into flex.


Dou you know any site with an example?


video = new VideoLoader(.....




this. addChild(video) ¿?


Best regards,


Jose Ramon Leon Somovilla


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Hi and welcome to the forums.


A VideoLoader is not a DisplayObject so it can not be added to the display list. You need to add the content of the VideoLoader




OR in your VideoLoader constructor you can use a container property

var video:VideoLoader = new VideoLoader("someURLToAVideo", {container:this})
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And by the way, Flex has some funky restrictions on what kind of DisplayObjects are allowed to be added to the display list (they must extend UIComponent), so you can tell LoaderMax to use a special Flex-friendly DisplayObject wrapper by default like this:

 LoaderMax.contentDisplayClass = FlexContentDisplay;

And like Carl said, you should be adding the VideoLoader's "content" to the display list, not the VideoLoader itself. 

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Thanks both!!!


I already got the thing working... more or less :shock:


But with one little problem more..


if I use that:


but when i use:


The last frame of the video is still at the stage.


How can i erase it?


Thanks again!! Best regards,


Jose Ramon Leon

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That sounds like a Flex bug quite frankly. (In my experience, Flex is riddled with bugs). But you could try calling the VideoLoader's clearVideo() method. 

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With youtube flash api have the same problem, with the last frame, so it´s sure is a flex bug... :-(


Today my fight will be different, i´m using an old version of greensock of an old proyect that was remade (sequels are never good, except back to the future film xdxd), and has not got this method. So just fingers crossed with the latest version...


Thanks a lot for all!! and goodAs!! See you!

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