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Knowing if loaded swf is Timeline swf or library exported MovieClip

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This is not so specific to loader max but just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas about this.


If you create a FLA and put some content on the timeline and publish it.  When you load it in loadermax to get that MovieClip you just need to call LoaderMax.getContent("mySWF").rawContent;


However if you have a movieclip in your library in Flash and you right click and choose 'Export SWF..." then load that swf - in order to get the actual movieclip you are exporting you need to call



Does anyone know of any way to determine if a Loaded SWF is either a main timeline or expoted using the right-click method i described?


You could do a check to see if getChildAt(0) is MovieClip on the rawContent but the problem with this is that if your timeline SWF had a MovieClip as a the background it would not be accurate. 

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I never knew that the export swf option nested the symbol like that. Thanks for sharing.


Unfortunately, no, I don't that there is another way to detect which type of swf you are loading :(

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