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Last v12 release problem with old swf using v11

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I created a FLA file few years ago using your v11 release. Last week I downloaded your v12 release and started new projects. But I got a problem when I reopened and reexported my old FLA file (built with v11). Some stuff are broken during the animation, maybe because of the "overwrite:" parameter set to "true" or "false" but I'm not sure...


So I need :

- to use the v11 release for my old project (because I can't fix all bugs in it).

- to use the v12 release for my new project.


In all my FLA files (old and new), I import your greensock classes from a unique folder "AS3-classes". So I never put the "com/greensock/" folder to the root of my swf.


My question is : How can I import the v11 for my old project and the v12 for my new project ? Is it possible for those folders to cohabitate ?


Thanks a lot for your help.

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Yeah, I think I can follow your issue here.

You need each version to keep the com/greensock hierarchy but obviously you can't have multiple folders with the same name in the same place. You most likely prefer to use 1 global classpath for all your libraries. If you start using multiple classpaths you run the risk of the wrong version or multiple versions getting pulled in.


I can see it being a bit inconvenient. I assume you are more likely to be creating new projects with v12 then exporting a bunch of old files. It may have to be that you configure things to default to pulling from  "AS3-classes" with the new version of v12 and on the rare times you need to re-compile you switch over to AS3-classes-old. 


I understand this isn't ideal or elegant, but I'm not quite sure what else to offer. 




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Thanks for your answer Carl. I will do it like you said.

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