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Chetan Sachdev

Do I need to call .load() method multiple times

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I am trying to use LoaderMax API, in an existing application. To replace all http calls with LoaderMax, I have written a Singleton class, which keeps an instance of LoaderMax object. Now, in my application, wherever a http request is needed, I get an instance of single LoaderMax object and append to the queue, with a callback handler. My question, do I need to call the .load method everytime, I append a URL, or LoaderMax looks internally for the queue length? 

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If you set autoLoad to true in the LoaderMax constructor it should work exactly how you wish.


autoLoad : Boolean - If true, the LoaderMax instance will automatically call load() whenever you insert()/append()/prepend() a new loader whose status is LoaderStatus.READY. This basically makes it easy to create a LoaderMax queue and dump stuff into it whenever you want it to load without having to check the LoaderMax's status and call load() manually if it's not already loading.



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