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loaderMax Breaking on first load

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Hi, I am something really weird going on. I am loading an images from xml file and there is one large image in xml that is loaded only when the user click a button. So I am using getContent and get Loader to get image and then display.The weird this is that it doesn't work on first load in browser it works after the browser is refreshed. It works locally fine. It just doesn't work when I clear the browser cache and load the app. I know where it is breaking but I don't know why and so can't really fix it. It thought its my machine and network but its happening in client machine and location too. Here is the code snippet


ExternalInterface.call("console.log", LoaderMax.getLoader(url)+'___getLoader');
ExternalInterface.call("console.log", LoaderMax.getContent(url)+'___getContent');
var imgName:ImageLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader(url)
var lgImg:ContentDisplay =  LoaderMax.getContent(url);
ExternalInterface.call("console.log", '===================SUCESS=============');

So first two call always success and this third call only success after the page is refreshed or I disable browser cache in firebug net tab. 


Also let me tell you what I do to load the image after its succeed.

So on a click event I just add 





Amazingly I have a similar scenario in my app and I am loading a SWF from the same XML file and it works great no issues using the same method but in different class.


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Very strange.


A few questions:


Is it only with this really large image?

If you swap in a smaller image does the problem go away?

Is the image downloading at all?

Are you monitoring the progress?

Are you getting errors?

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